Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Reshelving volunteering project, updated

I might as well post a quick update just for record's sake about the progress of volunteering.

After getting a reasonable way with the shelving project, it was put aside while we waited for more shelf fittings &c. So i've sort of been doing odds and ends a little, and some stuff that's semi-related. I've rearranged some of the nearby objects so they're on the shelves (roughly) in order. I've also inventoried a couple of sections of compactus units and gotten their location records up to date as well as labeling the shelves properly with their locations.

My supervisor and I have also collected together a lot of unregistered objects that have been unattended for far too long. I registered a few, and helped her do a few - as well as some items that'd been given back to the collection/research area from our Loans department. A few bits and pieces are being repatriated to communities, which she is handling, along with a lot of old photos and display panels which are of interest/use to communities.

My supervisor is away for a couple of weeks, but i'm able to keep working away on stuff while she's gone. Because we were still waiting on the shelving fittings before she left, she's given me printout lists of the bags and baskets in the QLD part of the collection to inventory and sort out - hopefully we'll also get to measuring/photographing/describing all of it properly, so that we can really update the database with some useful info and proper locations. That's going to have to wait, though, because the shelving stuff arrived the day after she went on holiday (ha!) - so it's back to the grunt work and installation for me.

But I know once that's sorted there will be more inventory and shelving and sorting stuff out, and that's the stuff I really dig. It might seem a little boring, but I really do like working in collection management and making sure that everything's where it should be, and the database is detailed with as much information as possible.


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