Sunday, July 01, 2007

"Museum of Nicole"

It's so weird, approaching bits of your life like this. An interesting experiment, anyhow; and certainly not as well-documented as I would make objects in REAL collections! Hit the jump to see it all.

[Object type: Audio cassette]
Object type: Audio cassette
Size: Cassette - W65mm, L100mm. Case - W70mm, 107mm.
Materials: Plastic, paper, magnetic tape.
General description: This audio cassette is a dual-sided 90 minute tape of the kind that can be purchased blank and recorded onto. Side A has a paper label that reads "Nic's punk tape" handwritten in black pen. The plastic case has a paper insert with a tracklist handwritten in black pen (some writing has been covered with white-out). It reads:

1969/I wanna be your dog/Search + Destroy - The Stooges
Holidays in the sun/Pretty vacant/EMI - Sex Pistols
USA/White Riot/Janie Jones - The Clash
Anger burning/Protest + Survive/Ain't no feeble - Discharge
California Uber Alles/Holiday in Cambodia/Haloween/Nazi punks fuck off

Terminal Preppie/Soup is good food/MTV Get off the air/Pull my strings - Dead Kennedys
Rise above/TV Part/Police Story - Black Flag
Filler/I don't wanna hear it/Straightedge/Out of Step (with the world)/Salad days/Good guys - Minor Threat
God Song/Generator/American Jesus/Fuck Armageddon/Punk rock song - Bad Religion

The spine reads: Puhnk.

Provenance/history: This tape was compiled by the donor and gifted to the collection early in 1999.
Donor: Dave K.
Condition: The paper label on the tape is worn, however the casing of the cassette itself is in good condition and not cracked. The magnetic tape is in good condition. The plastic case and paper insert are both in poor condition - the plastic casing is cracked and some pieces have cracked off, while the paper insert is slightly worn and dogeared.
Storage location: Museum curator's desk. (Formerly: museum curator's car tape deck.)

[Object type: Ephemera]
Object type: Ephemera
Size: Various.
Materials: Paper, cardboard.
General description: This small collection of ephemera has been registered as one object and not assigned part numbers. It consists of a variety of items including stickers, whole tickets and ticket stubs, membership cards, postcards, flyers, and miscellaneous paper and cardboard.
Provenance/history: Collected at various times and places by the museum curator, some gifts.
Donor: Nicole H.
Condition: Various. Some paper in good condition, other pieces of paper and cardboard extremely faded from constant exposure to high UV levels. Other paper/cardboard has warped in high temperature and humidity levels, or has been marked/stained by blutac/putty.
Storage location: Shoe box 01. (Formerly displayed on one side of a door.)
Images: Please see the photo with notes at Flickr.

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