Wednesday, November 05, 2008

To Do:

I finally sat down this morning and looked through the two guides I have to London museums (yes, there are two guides just for one city!) - Museums and Galleries of London by Abigail Willis and the Blue Guide to Museums and Galleries of London by Tabitha Barber.

My aim in doing this was to work out what I need to (yes, need!) to see that I haven't, before I leave these fine shores. I've not yet updated my master list with the things I have seen, but at least i'm prepared for what's ahead. Here's the list:

Edited as of 18th Mar 2009 to include those visited:
Tate Britain (especially before the Francis Bacon exhibit finishes!)
Museum of London

Petrie Museum
Tea and Coffee Museum
Cartoon Museum
Library and Museum of Freemasonry (only open Mon - Fri)
Grant Zoology Museum (only open Mon - Fri)
Imperial War Museum Missed the Bond exhibit, too!
Hunterian Museum + Royal College of Surgeons
Old Operating Theatre Museum
Tower of London
Science Museum Went for the lates and it was tops.
Kew Gardens (there's a museum there too, shush)
Horniman Museum
Barbican Gallery
Chelsea Physic Garden
Centre for the Magic Arts (not sure if i'll prioritise this)
Cinema Museum (not sure if i'll prioritise this)
Temple Church (i'm counting this, damn it!)

Rothko @ the Tate - ends 1st Feb
Bond exhibit @ IWM - ends 1st March
British Library: Darwin and the Story of Evolution (ends 22 March), Taking Liberties (ends 1 March)

Missed all of these, sadly.

That's totally do-able, I think! Stay tuned for my efforts..


Splock said...

I love the Tower of London, but not for what most people go to see. It used to be the home of the Royal Mint, so the coin geek in me likes it for that reason. Did you know that in the last years of the 17th Century Sir Isaac Newton was Master of the Mint? Oh and where's the Cartoon Museum that sounds fantastic! I hope the Danger Mouse section is the main exhibit.

Nicole said...

The Cartoon Museum's just off Museum Street, near the BM! I'm not sure if it's heavy on political cartoons and stuff, but I've always meant to go by there!

Not sure if there'll be Danger Mouse - is where that would be at! Saw a bit at the 'Movieum' on display.