Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BP & The British Museum

Reposting my brief rant from here:

"Anti-BP group has sticky protest at British Museum"

Errrgggh. I knew BP’s sponsorship of the British Museum would spark some controversy, but this pisses me off no end. I am no supporter of BP and the mess they’ve made - there seriously has to be a better way to protest than by going in to possibly do damage to museum objects.

Step the fuck back from the objects, people. It’s a rule. Stick to it.


Liberate said...

What is your better way to protest? Do let us know, or why not just do it? Get involved....

No damage was likely nor done to any museum object in this performance. Unlike the very serious harm BP is doing, death and destruction to be pissed off at.

Public institutions, step back from Big Oil in culture and art. Stick it to 'em. Love museums, Hate Oil.

Nicole said...

Listen, i'm not a fan of what BP have done at all. But I value museums and culture and I don't believe this type of action was warraned. Just because damage wasn't done doesn't mean it was okay - things could have gone wrong, and then you've ruined something irreplaceable. Not unlike BP are doing with their actions.

Believe me, I am a supporter of protesting, and I believe it to be an absolute human right - but not direct action like this. Engage with the public - members, supporters - engage with the museum board if you can. But anything you do to the museum/collection or to ruin someone's experience thereof makes me wary of the message behind the action.